A Noobs OSCP Journey


So it all starts when I graduated last year in 2016 and finding my way to get a job in Infosec domain, before graduation I already have a CEH certification,But as you know it’s so hard to get a job as a fresher in this domain especially in India until you have some skills or have a reference. After getting rejected by almost 15 companies I decided to start to increase my skill, and there is no better way than OSCP. So on the 31st Dec night I talked to my father that I want to spend 1 year on OSCP, after some discussion he eventually agreed, I took the time limit very seriously.

On 1st Jan, my Journey Started, as I was total noob at that time I only knew how to use Nmap, Nessus, Nexpose and reporting Vulnerability Assessment, and some sort of Wifi hacking, not even Metasploit Framework 😂

So it took me 2 months to figure out where to start because there was no one to guide me at that stage, So before I realised, the sand was slipping from my hands and month of march had begun. Then I downloaded OSCP syllabus and googled about some OSCP related VMs from Vulnhub. I pwned a few from them; like Kioptrix series, IMF, Brainpan etc. If you are new to Buffer overflow, I recommend to start with Brainpan 1. It took me 2 more months to complete these machines. In May, I got introduced to Hack The Box(HTB), If you really want to do OSCP. I wholeheartedly suggest you to buy HTB VIP pack and finish all the retired machines before you start your lab. I was stuck after ‘rooting’ 3-4 machines. This is a point where every learner in information security domain hopes for guidance. A guidance on what to learn, a guidance on where am I wrong. During my hard hunt for a mentor, I was lucky enough to meet my mentor KNX. I am very thankful to him for all his support, teachings and resources.

After completing all the machines in HTB. I started my OSCP PWK-Lab on 1st oct and due to unfamiliarity with the environment my progress was very slow-going, I signed up for 2 months lab and within 40 days I completed all the machines on all 4 networks.To be noted, complete videos, course manual and lab exercises before you start rooting lab machines.

OSCP lab Overview

My OSCP Exam Experience

After completing my 2 months of lab, and a week of rest, I scheduled my exam for 7th Dec 12:30 pm, I have a very bad habit to sleep in day and work overnight and I don’t know why but my focus is on peak during night. Even I am writing this blog at 4:11 am 😂. On 6th Dec I woke up around 3:00 pm and started preparing myself for the next day and decided to sleep early around 2 am, now the irony is because of my old habit to be awake late nights and excitement of exam, I couldn’t sleep. Hence, It so happened I gave the exam without proper sleep. At 12:30, I started scanning the ports for all machines and done the BOF machine within 3 hours and now I have 25 marks in my pocket; Moved to the next big machine and I did that in next 3 hours. Within 6 hours I had 50 marks. The rest 3 machines was of 20-20-10 marks respectively, I completed them in another 9 hours and within 15 hours I rooted all machines and got 100 marks. Now ,time to make exam report. Because of sleep deprivation for more than 36 hours my mind and body started rusting. I dont advocate for long working without sleep as it can cause serious health issues but I am used to this and I was so excited for OSCP. After spending next 6 hours on my lab report, I still had few hours left for the exam to end. So I went to sleep, after waking up in the evening I reviewed the exam report and mailed to Offsec as per the exam guide.

After Spending almost a year, without stepping out from my house for months, without meeting any friends, all my hard work paid off when that final day come I got the email that I cleared OSCP.Wink-Wink OSCP-logo

I will miss my OSCP labs,Thanx to the offensive security, OSCP was the best learning experience of my life. It was a wonderful phase which I might renew hopefully with OSCE.

~ Fuck The Best Play With The Rest

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